The pandemic has made people realize the importance of a home that promotes comfort, wellness, and productivity. This is why approximately 63.43 million homes in the US are actively using smart home devices. One significant aspect of this system is smart lighting. Smart home lighting system services in Sedona, AZ, are all about making lighting simpler, more power-efficient, and more personalized.

So today, we are exploring five must-have trends you need to get a brighter and smarter home.

Smart Home Lighting System Services in Sedona AZ : 5 Must-Have Trendy Upgrades

1.    Voice-Activated Controls

One of the most prevailing trends you need is voice-activated control. Imagine effortlessly adjusting or controlling your home’s lighting with one simple command. Smart home lighting system services in Sedona AZ, power voice-activated controls through platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, granting hands-free access to your lighting.

2.    Color-Changing Capabilities

If a single hue or similar lights throughout the day become too dull, you can also add color-changing capabilities to your home’s lighting systems.

This will allow you to adjust color schemes and brightness levels and even create preset lighting scenes for different occasions, for example, soft, dim colors for a cozy movie night and sharp, bright colors for a vibrant dinner party.

3.    Geofencing for Automated Lighting

Geofencing means setting up virtual boundaries or zones using GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals. The system detects when a resident’s mobile device enters or exits these predefined areas set by Sedona, AZ’s smart home lighting services.

This will allow lights to switch on or off automatically when one enters or leaves predefined areas. For example, when a resident enters the driveway or front porch, the smart lighting system can automatically turn on the exterior lights to welcome them home.

4.    Security System Integration

Another smart home lighting trend is integrating it with your home’s security network. Seamlessly synchronizing outdoor lights with security and motion sensors can provide a robust surveillance setup. Motion or temperature triggers these lights to work in unison with your security system, illuminating all potential blind spots and dissuading potential intruders from entering your home.

5.    Smart Control via Apps

Lastly, the smart home lighting system services in Sedona, AZ, can also grant you remote control over various aspects such as on/off, adjusting brightness and colors, setting schedules, grouping lights, creating custom scenes, and monitoring energy usage. This trendy feature is excellent, particularly for those residents who travel frequently and want to manage their lighting from afar, ensuring convenience, energy efficiency, and security.

End Note

Smart home features are rapidly evolving, gaining massive popularity for offering residents extraordinary control, convenience, and efficiency. These five trends from smart home lighting system services in Sedona, AZ, contribute to improving your daily life and making your home energy-efficient, sustainable, and secure.

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