If you’re among the 113.06 million Super Bowl fanatics gearing up for February, you know how important it is to update your home theater for an engaging experience. Whether you’re streaming the match online or tuning in via cable, ensuring your system is prepared is necessary.

So, today, we have bought you six must-have upgrades that you should get from the best home theater installation company in Sedona, AZ, as they are the key to achieving a remarkable sensory experience.

Best Home Theater Installation Company in Sedona AZ: 6 Upgrades to Get

1.    Enhanced Surround Sound Systems

What is better than having a stadium-like atmosphere at home? The home theater installation company experts provide advanced speaker configurations and Dolby Atmos integration. These well-calibrated speakers enhance the crowd’s roar and the intensity of on-field action. With overhead speakers, the sounds of a touchdown or performances by singers will become more lifelike.

2.    Customized and Integrated Home Theater

The best home theater installation company in Sedona AZ, also provides tailored automation control that will allow you to make effortless adjustments during the Super Bowl. You can maintain an ideal ambiance throughout the game by integrating voice commands or a centralized control system to dim the lights during commercials or halftime performances or adjust the temperature.

3.    Concealed Projector and Screen

Your home theater does not have to be cluttered and disorganized. If you want a clean and sleek-looking theater, the experts offer innovative concealment mechanisms for projectors and screens. You can hide these components when not in use by getting this upgrade. Utilizing motorized retractable screens or ceiling-mounted projectors that descend into position when needed, you can optimize the space of your home and make it more visually appealing.

4.    Premium Soundproofing

The excitement and thrill that the Super Bowl brings are unmatchable. For a great and memorable experience, you must get specialized soundproofing and acoustic treatments from the best home theater installation company in Sedona, AZ, to eliminate external disturbances and optimize sound quality.

Whether you’re grooving to Beyonce’s halftime performance or cheering on a game-changing touchdown, the room’s acoustics will ensure you aren’t disturbed by external noise and vice versa.

5.    Streaming and connectivity options

Accessing multiple streaming platforms should be effortless. The professionals can also upgrade your home theater’s connectivity options so you can enjoy smooth access to different streaming platforms and compatibility with various devices. This upgrade will transform your viewing experience and optimize your setup for gaming and other entertainment needs.

6.    Top-of-the-line Projectors and Screens

How would you feel watching your favorite stars playing and winning trophies on a mega-display HD-quality screen? It would truly be a fantastic experience! Hire the best home theater installation company in Sedona, AZ, to install projectors paired with the ideal projection screen to create a cinematic experience within your home. The larger-than-life display will make you feel like you are sitting in a front-row seat at the stadium.

Final Thoughts

Having a well-built and customized home theater can make a huge difference. These upgrades by the best home theater installation company in Sedona, AZ, add a layer of excitement and bring the immersive feel of the stadium right to your home. To make your place an ultimate spot for the game day, reach out to Intuitive AV.  Fill out our online form or give us a call at (928) 800-1621 for custom home theaters and upgrades.